QAZpad V2 Keyboard

$10.00 - $45.00
QAZpad V2 Keyboard

The Kits and PCB include 55x hotswap sockets. You will need to solder the sockets yourself!

Kits include:
- RP2040-powered PCB
- FR4 base
- FR4 plate
- 55x hotswap sockets
- 8x 10mm M2 brass standoffs
- 18x 4mm M2 screws
- 6x 6mm round bump-ons

QAZpad is a QAZ-esque board with a 3x4 number pad. Measuring in at 13.25 units wide, this board has the most compact staggered layout to include a number pad.

The PCBs come pre-flashed with Vial firmware. Source code and pre-compiled .uf2's are available here.

V2 of the PCB is powered by the RP2040, and is now hotswap instead of soldered. This means that different layouts (southpaw, fullstagger, and regular) are on separate PCBs and require different firmware.

The possible layouts are detailed in this KLE.
All 3 encoder spots on each board can be used at the same time, independently.

This PCB and plate will fit in existing QAZpad cases (including those from P3DStore), but the Fullstagger layout will require a new plate since the layout has changed.

The Skeleton Kit (no PCB) plate is compatible with Regular and Southpaw layouts, but not Fullstagger.